Founders Backing Founders

We are an early-stage venture fund fully capitalised by
entrepreneurs and operators investing in disruptive technologies.

What Makes Us Different

Being a founder and bulding transformational companies is is a long and
arduous journey. Only a small portion of the population are built for it. We
understand this because we have lived it.

We believe seasoned entrepreneneurs are best placed to identify the qualities
of a founder in others and help them navigate the paths of commercialisation
and hyper-growth.

We are fully capitalised by fellow entrepreneurs who have all built successful
companies as former founders, CEO’s and operators. Our fund aims to
leverage the network, expertise and know-how of our investors to add value
outside of just capital and positively impact a startups trajectory towards


Early Stage Companies

We invest in companies at the seed to Series A stage.

High Growth Technologies

We look for technologies where we
can add value including: SaaS, Ai,
Energy, E-Commerce, IoT and

Ambitious People

We invest in ambitious founders and work alongside investing
entrepreneurs seeking to leverage
their capital and experience with

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