Founders Backing Founders

We are an early-stage venture fund capitalised by successful entrepreneurs and
founders investing in disruptive technologies and platforms.

What Makes Us Different

Being a founder and building transformational companies is a long and
arduous journey. Only a small portion of the population are built for it.
We understand this because we have lived it.

We believe seasoned entrepreneurs are best placed to identify the
qualities of a founder in others and help them navigate the paths of
commercialisation and hyper-growth.

We are capitalised by fellow entrepreneurs who have all built successful
companies as former founders, CEO’s and operators. Our fund aims to
leverage the network, expertise and know-how of our investors
to add value outside of just capital and positively impact a start-up
trajectory towards success.


Early Stage Companies

We invest in companies at the pre-seed, seed and Series A stage.

High Growth Companies

We are looking for companies with a bold vision that have significant growth potential. We favour technology companies that can leverage unique data to create business opportunities.

An amazing founding team

One lesson that we have learnt time and time again is how important the founding team is. Visionary founders need a trusting but pragmatic team with the right dynamics to succeed.

Some of the companies we have invested in

If you are a successful founder or entrepreneur reach out to join us in backing the next
generation of amazing companies.