Our Thesis

The problem with early stage start-ups is they:

rarely fit into existing investment models based on pattern recognition.

are difficult – long hours, low pay, and fierce competition wear on even the most dedicated teams.
require both a new thinking approach and seasoned experience.

The best founders are ambitious with a vision so novel it is often unperceivable to other people for a significant amount of time. To many investors, visionary entrepreneurs come off as naive or even foolish for not creating an easier/more obvious product with a predictable growth curve and return profile.

It is seasoned entrepreneurs, who personally possess these qualities, that are best placed to identify them in others, envision the potential of a new disruptive business and make a positive impact on the probability of its success.  We believe the most effective early stage investment firm requires a knowledgebase of highly experienced entrepreneurs to pick the best deals and maximise the financial return to the firm.


An opportunity for successful founders and entrepreneurs to join together our collective experience and knowledge. Pick the best of the next generation entrepreneurs and actively participate in their success.

Henry and Rami set an investment culture that supports true entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship doesn’t follow any one playbook. A unique combination of creativity, opportunism, vision and prudence is uniquely identified by those that have successfully done it before.

As a limited partner you will be in good company.


We see potential in you that others probably won’t.  Help you join the dots.  Our team have all been there before.  First-hand experience brings more than wisdom – it brings a network of respect and opportunity for you as an investee company. 

Join our portfolio and be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs.